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TOP Ten Work Place Safety Tips

  1. Emergency evacuation drills - In today's world emergency evacuations drills are carried out for much more than fire evacuations. We now have terrorist threats reaching in to every corner of our society and we also have the threat of attack by crazed individuals. Therefor it is very important that all companies and organisations have proper procedures and protocols in place to effectively manage emergency evacuations for whatever reason. Ensure that you have the correct training and equipment to effectively carry out emergency evacuations.
  2. Ensure you have modern technology to assist with workplace safety - In the past, companies were reliant on manual systems and procedures to assist them in providing safety systems in the work place. Many companies are still not aware of modern technology that is available to greatly enhance the safety and security of the workplace. One such product is Safe Place Live www.safeplacelive.com It is advisable for your health and safety officer to familiarise themselves with such products and ensure that they have the appropriate systems in place to ensure the best possible safety environment for their staff, clients and visitors.
  3. Proper use of machines and tools - Machinery and tools should be compliant with all current safety guidelines and regulations. The machinery and tools should also be tested regularly to ensure that they are still meeting current safety guidelines. Staff should be properly trained in the operation of the equipment that they are using and this training should be conducted on an ongoing basis, so that the staff themselves do not get complaisant with the safety aspects of the equipment that they work with. Regular equipment safety checks and regular staff training will assist greatly in ensuring the safety of the equipment and the staff who operate the equipment. 
  4. Clear and unobstructed emergency exits - It is vital to ensure that there are adequate emergency exits in the building. Whether designing a new building or reviewing the safety of an existing building, ensure that there are adequate emergency exits in place. Ensure that the emergency exits have clear signage and lighting. Make regular checks to ensure that the emergency exits are never blocked or restricted in any way. Ensure that staff, contractors and visitors are familiar with the location of all emergency exit points. 
  5. Reducing workplace stress - In today's fast-paced world, the working environment has become more stressful. Companies clients and customers are more demanding than ever and companies themselves are more demanding of their staff. All of us expect immediate service and immediate responses and this creates a stressful environment. The company and the employees themselves should work together to implement policy and procedures to ensure that while providing a good quality of service that it is not putting employees under undue stress. Employees will always be at their best performance levels, when they are in a comfortable working environment and so the company and the employee should look at measures to ensure this, while at the same time ensuring the best performance possible. 
  6. Always wear correct safety equipment - Whatever work you are engaged in, you must ensure that you have the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Examples of PPE are safety helmets, glasses, high viz jackets, safety shoes etc. These requirements will differ according to the type of work you are engaged in. You should seek expert advice to ensure that no matter what work you are engaged in, that you have the appropriate PPE for the tasks that you are carrying out. Regular checks should be conducted to ensure that the PPE is still in place and in good condition.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings - Whether you work in a high risk environment such as on scaffolding on a high rise building or you are an employee in an office environment, you should always be aware of your surroundings. The risks of working on high rise scaffolding are clear but there are also less noticeable risks in the office environment. So whatever type of environment you work in, always be aware of your surroundings, Sometimes the simplest of tasks can have the most devastating consequences such as trips and falls. Be alert at all times, no matter what task you are engaged in. 
  8. Never attend work under the influence of alcohol or drugs - Alcohol and drugs are lethal in the workplace and should always be avoided. Even a small amount can hinder your judgement and your awareness in the workplace. Remember that if you have taken alcohol or drugs the night beforehand, you may still be under the influence of this the next morning. Because alcohol and drugs hinder your judgement and reactions, this can have devastating effects and results. Alcohol & drugs in the working environment are never a good mix and should be avoided at all times. 
  9. Take regular breaks - No matter what type of work you are engaged in, you should ensure that you have regular breaks. In some working environments this is governed by law, such as driving but in other working environments it is just as essential to have adequate breaks to ensure safety and alertness. If employees are tired, it means that they are not focused, which means that they are less productive and mistakes may happen, which can result in safety breaches or administrative mistakes. In terms of both safety and productivity, it is essential that employees take adequate breaks for all of the above reasons.
  10. Correct working posture is essential - If you are engaged in heavy lifting, it is essential that you have the correct posture for carrying out your work. Professional advice and training should be sought for this type of activity. However it is just as essential that in all work environments that we ensure good posture to avoid any health and safety issues. Tasks such as working from an office desk require that you have the correct chair and that you sit in the correct position and everything that you require is at the correct height to ensure that you can carry out your work without straining yourself in any way. 
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