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Emergency Evacuation Drill

In todays environment, emergency evacuation drills form part of everyday life. The current security threats mean that all organisations must have protocols in place in the event of an alert and a subsequent emergency evacuation. This is in addition to standard fire evacuation drills.

With Safe Place Live, we have different levels of service to cope with the smallest to the largest and most demanding emergency evacuation drills. Our systems can cater for less than ten people, right up to thousands of people in multiple locations.

Gone are the days of clip boards and pens to manage emergency evacuations. SPL provides you with the most up to date technology to provide you with real-time up to the minute information on people inside and outside your building and all at the click of a button on your computer or mobile device.

For advice on how to professionally manage your emergency evacuation drills, please contact the experts at Safe Place Live.

Emergency Evacuation Drills