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Fire Marshal Services

Safe Place Live is designed to protect your fire marshals or security personnel in the event of an emergency evacuation. Our systems provide real-time information for these key personnel, as to who has left the building and who still remains in the building. All of this information is provided on their mobile devices, which means that they can organise everything from the safety of outside the evacuated building.

Traditionally, these personnel would have to sweep the building to establish who is still remaining in the building. This puts these key personnel in extreme danger. With SPL that’s all changed. The fire marshals and security personnel have all the information they require at their finger tips on their mobile device, ensuring their safety as well as everybody else.

Any persons remaining in the building will have their details displayed on the mobile device along with their mobile phone number and so the fire marshal only needs to press the dial button beside the name of the person remaining in the building in order to make contact with them. All of this information is vital both for the fire marshals and security personnel but also for the emergency services. SPL keeps all persons responding to an emergency evacuation away from unnecessary harm.

Your organisation can also allow your SPL access to the emergency services. This means that the emergency services will have an immediate situation update on their device before they even leave their base and when they arrive, they have real time information. This cooperation between the organisations security department/fire marshal and the emergency services will provide a seamless and effective response to any fire or security event

Fire Marshal Services

Why choose SPL for your Fire Marshal/security personnel services?

  • One of the most effective systems available on the market to assist both your security personnel / fire marshal and the emergency services in providing an efficient, safe and fully informed response.
  • Provides these key personnel with real-time accurate information on who is in and out of the building
  • Provides immediate dial facility to the mobile phone of those remaining in the building
  • Eliminates the need for these key personnel to sweep a building to account for everybody, which puts themselves in danger
  • Provides the responding emergency services with real-time information, so that they do not enter the building unnecessarily to search for people, when everybody is accounted for on our system

To find out more about what SPL can do to help your fire marshals / security personnel, please contact us for further details.