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Access Control Systems

When you need accurate, real-time information of who is in and who is out of your building at any time, you can depend on SPL.

Why Our System?

Our systems can be integrated with existing access control systems or can be installed into new projects. With our unique innovative Access Control Systems, you get a fully transparent, birds-eye view of who exactly has entered and exited your building in real-time.

Traditional access control systems quite often do not have correct records of people in the building due to tailgating etc. When it comes to emergency evacuations, these systems won't have a record of who has left the building. This leaves security, fire marshals and the emergency services with uncertainty of not really knowing who is left in the building. Emergency personnel can be put in unnecessary danger by looking for people who may have already escaped the building.

With SPL, you can grant the emergency services access to your SPL system, so that they are aware of who is still left in the building even before they arrive on the scene.

Additional Features

  • Keycards can be removed or replaced at anytime instead of a lower security key option.
  • Restrict specific areas of your building by configuring the access restrictions on the key cards. Easily know and manage who has access to which areas.
  • Keep up to date logs of who has entered each area. If valuables have gone missing in certain areas, the key cards can identify who has entered that area at that time. With conventional keys this tracking is not possible.
  • If your organisation has a lot of employees it might not always be easy to identify them. With the use of access cards, non-authorised personnel will be identified quickly.
  • Multi-locations such as college campus buildings can offer managers multi access without any complications.

Additional Access Control Products

Door Access Systems

  1. Keypads
  2. Biometric readers
  3. Door controllers

Intercom Systems

  1. Audio Intercoms
  2. Digital Intercoms
  3. Video
  4. Wireless and GSM Intercoms

Gate Automation

  1. GSM Date Openers
  2. Swing detectors
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